We can now restore and repair your cloudy hazed, oxidized or even yellowish headlight lens to a new like condition. This can be hundreds of pounds cheaper than replacing the headlights altogether. Headlamp repair or refurbishment is the refinishing of headlight lenses that have become discolored or dull due to age, dirt and UV sunlight. The effectiveness of the light output will be significantly reduced which can affect the driver's view of the road, causing accidents and glare to other car users, as well as potentially causing your car to fail it's MOT.

The key key benefits of having your headlights restored are:

Increases the value of your vehicle.
Increases light output by up to 30%.
No headlight fail/advisory at your next MOT.
Better vision while driving at night.
Fraction of the cost of replacing the headlight.
Improves the look of your vehicle.

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