Below is just a small sample of the repairs we can do. You will be surprised at what can be repaired and how little it will cost compared to replacement or a traditional body shop repair. 

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 Kia Wing Mirror. This wing mirror was smashed against the customers gate post, by picking up the pieces we were able to 'hot staple' the mirror back together. As you can see, the result is a mirror that is as good as new. The cost of this repair was £50, to have this mirror replaced would have set the customer back around £225 including fitting. Quite a saving! 

 Mercedes SLK Front Bumper. A split bumper does not have to be replaced, the split can be 'hot stapled' back together, leaving an extremely strong repair which can then be refinished back to its original colour. The result is an invisible repair carried out at a fraction of the cost of replacement or body shop repair.

Porsche Boxster Rear Bumper. This bumper was very badly deformed/split and would have cost nearly £1000 to replace. Fortunately we were able to reshape and plastic weld the bumper and get it back as good as new. Saving the owner a lot of money.